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At Yo-Yo-Web I offer manufacturing facilities affordable website solutions and design services for individuals, home based and small businesses.
As an independent webmaster I have found on more occasions than enough where "Website Services" charge fake rolex excessive fees for simple web design, logo creation, maintenance or omega replica revision of existing sites.
Affordable Website and Graphic Solutions

As part of the fee for building your websiteYo-Yo-Web will maintain your new website for a period of one [1] year after implementation.
This includes minor changes to text and graphics, as well as adding or amending e-mail addresses.

Excluded from this service is complete or significant redesign to the whole website template or content.


You may already have a website, but are looking for someone to make major and/or minor changes to it. Yo-Yo-Web can quote on these services accordingly. Typical maintenance fee is fifty [$50] per hour for changes to current websites and/or as a retaining service for ongoing changes and uploading to this existing site.